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Our Next Beachfit Program Commences 28th Ausgust - This Is Your Chance.


(Limited to 10 Spaces a session time)

6am OR 6:40am Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Every second Saturday at 7:45am

Sydney Park:

(Limited to 14 Spaces a session time)

5:45am OR 6:30am Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Every second Saturday at 7:30am

Double Bay:

(Limited to 14 Spaces)

6am Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday

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What’s Included With The Beachfit And Wellbeing Program?

Access to your group session time slot 3 days per week + Super Saturday Sessions.

Our 8 Week Beachfit and Wellbeing Education Program which covers:

Nutrition- the what, when, why and a workshop with our dietician Laura. Example meal plans and personalised food diary feedback.

Feel empowered and know exactly how to nourish your body – forever!

Movement – Learn how to program your own workouts according to your goals, and tune in to your most valuable asset – your body.

Sleep – Getting enough quality shut eye is imperative in achieving your health and fitness goals. Maximise your efforts with diving into your sleep.

Meditation – Our mind and mental health matter’s so much more than we give credit (and time) for.

Mindfulness and gratitude – Learning how to anchor in the present moment, and turning our focus to gratitude is the fastest way to shift your perspective and will serve you well on your transformation journey and moving forwards.

Stress – In today’s society its almost impossible to avoid stress, BUT we get to choose how we respond to it. Learn some simple tips and tricks to help keep stress under control, and how its affecting your health and wellness goals. (And more importantly what to do about it.)

Low Tox Skincare and Home – Our bodies are exposed to over 580 chemicals on average a day. Learn why and how to reduce them.

Staying motivated – Creating healthy habits is one thing, but not returning to your bad habits is another. Set yourself up for long term success with our guide.

Join Our Clients And Start YOUR Transformation.




Ready To Say Yes To Yourself And Your Goals?

All Of The Above for ONLY $49 per week.
(Payments are taken fornightly via DD)

Why Beachfit?

Over the past seven years I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women to achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

I realized even though they were training several times a week they still weren’t getting any closer to their goals, because they were stressed, over tired, and this was impacting their results and stopping them from achieving long term success.

I also realized that in large group classes people weren’t getting results because they randomly choose there classes, and often got injured due to large class sizes and lack of experience.

So I created the Beachfit and Wellbeing Program, and are proud to say we’ve helped over a hundred women transform their mind and bodies, and start the path for long term success since the conception of this program.


We run a balanced program to ensure that you achieve the results you desire. Each location runs 3 sessions a week following these class types and Saturdays are a big mix up.

All sessions have a variety of fitness levels, and we cater to all – so please don’t be shy!


Anything can and will happen in this sweaty 45 minute boot camp. Our trainers really let their individual training styles shine with a hard-hitting mix of cardio, resistance and flexibility. Find yourself submerged in free weights and bands, besting your PR on a sprint or powering through an intense interval circuit.

The only guarantee for what's going to happen here is that you will leave with a soaring heart rate and a smile on your face.

Box + Abs

A strong core is the base of a well rounded athlete. This class targets the muscles that provide stability, keep you injury free & help to provide the most powerful movement possible. Combine that with high intensity interval boxing drills & we create the recipe to torch the maximum amount of calories in just 45 minutes. Once the gloves are on, you’ll practice punching drills with a partner to enhance coordination, with bursts of core strengthening and skipping this is a full body workout that will reduce your stress and make you feel like you’re rocky.


Strength sessions are a slower tempo based session, designed to create sexy curves, functional + lean muscle and reduce body fat. This class leaves no muscle’s unturned using dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, tyres, with a fun finisher designed to finish you off and have your metabolism soaring all day long.

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