What to do When Your Having A Fat Day

So you’re having one of those days where you just feel blah – frumpy, frazzled, fatigued… and fat. You might have thought that as a personal trainer, I’d have a whole heap of tips for you like “ditch the salt – it makes you retain water”, and “go for a run – you’ll feel more energized”. And while both those things ARE great ideas, they’re not what you actually need most when you’re having a fat day.

Here’s what will actually do you the most good and help you shift those crappy feelings fastest…

1. Get out of your head and in to your heart. They say this is the longest journey you will ever make. Surely its one of the most important ones too?

2. Take some time out and sit for 5 minutes. Focus on filling up your lungs, and slowly exhaling. Try and use this time to still your mind, and don’t worry if you can’t.

3. After your mini meditation (Feel free to do longer too) grab a journal and write down at least 3 things your grateful for. These can be anything at all – it might be your killer smile, your awesome eyes, or even the roof you have over your head.

4. Help Someone. You know those awesome vibes that you get when you help someone? Find someone to help, or do a random act of kindness.

5. These can be so simple, like paying for the next persons coffee, taking a friends dog for a walk, or taking care of a friends child for 30 minutes whilst she has a snooze. Inject some kindness into someone’s day, and the ripple effects will help shift you out of your head!
6. Ground yourself. Leave the technology at home and take yourself for a walk or a lie down in nature. Take your shoes off, and let the magnetic vibes of the universe remind you wants important. There’s nothing like sky gazing for 5 minutes to help you reconnect to the bigger picture….

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