What to do when you’ve got no motivation

‘Help! I’ve lost no motivation!’

It’s the #1 thing that personal trainers hear. (Well that and ‘How can I lose ten kilos by next week?! You can’t incase you were wondering what the answer was)

It can be a really dark, scary feeling when it feels like your inspiration has seeped away – you might find yourself unable to get out of bed in the mornings, unable to get your work done, unable to switch off Game of Thrones… unable to do anything, really.


If this sounds like you don’t lose hope. I hear you, I feel you, and I see you… And sweet-cheeks, you are NOT alone. Here are my tried and true techniques for getting yourself going when it feels like you’ve got no inspiration…


  • Commit to ten minutes of exercise. If after 10 minutes you still don’t want to do it, then stop. Most likely you’ll start enjoying yourself and keep going!


  • Enrol a friend. Make a commitment to each other that you will train at (insert time and place) unless one of you is sick.


  • Expose yourself to some sunshine – that vitamin D hit will work wonders.


  • Mix up your routine. Maybes your current routine isn’t working for you. Try something new – anti gravity yoga anyone?


  • Visualize your intentions – either by using a vision board, or just spend a few minutes with your eyes closed visualize how you are going to feel once you have completed your workout. Pretty awesome I guess – have you ever regretted a workout?


  • Meditation – sometimes our monkey mind cripples us incapable, by meditating we can quiet the monkey mind and reconnect to ourselves.


  • Pull a card. I have Gabrielle Bernstein’s miracles now deck, and when in need of motivation, hope anything really I pull the cards out and randomly pick one and use that as my motto for the day. Funnily enough on the day I’m writing this my card was


“When I move my body, I bust through all that blocks me from my true health and vitality”


  • Hire a personal trainer. Sometime you just need someone to tell you exactly what you do and to keep pushing you. This is when personal trainers especially come in handy. If personal training is out of your budget at the moment, maybes look at small group training. All the benefits of personal training without the cost.  I run sessions in sydney, you can check out locations and times here:

And finally check in with yourself. If you have been feeling tired, etc you may just need a short break from exercise, and focus on yin type activities to restore – think yin yoga, walks with audio books and slow bicycle rides.

Do you have and tips that help you when your needing motivation?

Share them below x

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