Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This 1 Thing If Your Serious about Your Health and Wellbeing

27 September 2016

After over 7 years in the fitness industry (A lifetime in this industry) I start to notice trends and patterns with people.

The biggest one? You must start making changes to your exercise or eating routine on a Monday. Never a Saturday or a Wednesday, it MUST be a Monday.

In my eyes this is a fatal mistake. Why? How many times have you started a diet only to fall off the “wagon” by Wednesday, and you tell yourself you’ll start again on Monday.

And the same thing happens again, and again and again, until you realize this is what your doing and realize that there’s no bandwagon, there’s no waiting till Monday, and that making health and fitness part o your daily life is the only way. Whatever day it is. (Even on a Saturday!).

So how do you make this journey? For some it can take years, and it took me about 5 years. I’m hoping I can get you to shift your mindset by the end of this article…

It comes back to the Beachfit and Wellbeing Philosophy. Which is to get the mind onboard and the body will follow.

This means that we need to create a mind shift to create the body that we want.


Because if we don’t create the mind shift we need, we will never be at peace with where we are at, and will always be striving towards something we don’t have, and missing the beauty of the present moment.

So if you don’t restart every Monday what should you do instead?

  • Start now. Make your next meal, snack, drink as nourishing as you possible can.
  • Choose health over fitspo. If you choose health day in day out, this will help you stay on track and continually make good food and movement choices.
  • Too often when people are short on time they cancel their gym membership, or start eating takeaway. Health and fitness should be one of your top priorities. None negotiable. Sure there’s bound to be some days you can’t make it to the gym, but don’t let a day turn into a month.
  • Recognize food for what it is. Food is a tool to nourish your body and give you energy and life force to live your life. It's not there to make you happy, soak up your negative vibes, or to replace boredom.


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  1. Tracey Pattison

    LOVE this! Could not agree more – Ive seen my mum over the past 35+ years do this “im starting on monday” business and then she would go to town over the weekends before the “start” x

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