Why you haven’t achieved your new years resolutions (Again)

Its about this time of the year people think the year is starting to fly by, and thoughts may turn to why you haven’t achieved your new years resolutions (Again) yet?

With my clients I sometimes encourage them to set goals, but If I’m honest not always.

My ultimate goal is to educate my clients and give them the knowledge and tools to live a happy and healthy life, and this is a lifelong goal.

For this reason I like to call them intention settings.

I don’t believe that’s measured by the weight on the scales or how many centimeters they have lost. I do measure these factors but also like to encourage them with the mini goals in life – like when they can lift a heavier weight, or when they can zoom around the park whilst pulling me, (Yes its evil).

Or even when they are amazed when they do something and a couple of months ago that was a distant dream – hello push ups!

I believe that if your moving your body regularly and nourishing it with wholesome foods your body will get and sit at its natural weight.

I monitor this through monthly food diaries, we also do fitness testing to make sure their/ my programming is effective, but I don’t always believe setting the goal of losing 5kg in 2 months (Just an example) works.

I don’t want my clients working so hard and making some incredible changes in their life then in 2 months they have only lost 2 kilo’s. All of a sudden the wonderful changes that they have made won’t seem important, all that will be important is the fact that they only lost 2 kilo’s and that they are a failure.

Instead I want to focus on the little wins. One client has reduced his morning coffee from 4 shots of coffee to 1. Now that’s a win!

Another client has gone from drinking 2 litres of coke a day, and snacking on jellies to a can of coke zero a day and cutting out sweets and sugary snacks. (Were still working on the coke zero!).

These are wins, irrelevant of wether their weight changes, or they lose measurements they are winners as they have taken steps to a healthier lifestyle and that’s what were all and should be trying to achieve.

Action is what unites every great success. Action is what produces results. Knowledge is only potential power until it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to get himself to take effective action. In fact, the literal definition of the word "power" is "the ability to act." - Tony Robbins

 Of course goals also apply out of the health and wellness world – but instead of having material goals, what feelings have you attached to them, that you can start achieving now?

For example, your saving for a house deposit. Fantastic, and that’s definitely a goal you should keep if its important to you, but what feelings have you attached to it?

Security? Happiness?

The likelihood is when you achieve this goal, you will be happy for a short amount of time before moving to the next goal – maybes it will be to renovate your kitchen, or buy some furniture – and this pattern will keep on going - when will you actually step back and give yourself a pat on the back and allow yourself to celebrate the hard work you have already put in?

How about alongside that you worked to feeling those goals on a consistent basis?

What would make you feel secure now? What would make you happy now? By working backwards we can achieve our intentions so much sooner, but in different ways, and finally stop striving, and start living…

What goals can you now move to the side? What feelings are you trying to achieve?

I suggest grabbing a blank piece of paper, and writing down everything you would like to achieve – then from these goals try and derive the feelings that your trying to achieve and come up with activities, tools that will bring you those feelings now.

For goals with soul, I can’t recommend Danielle La Portes Desire Map enough. Danielle takes you through what you want to feel and then building goals from there.

What goals can you now move to the side?

What feelings are you trying to achieve?

If you want to finish 2015 on a high and achieve your wellness and fitness goals, join the beachfit and Wellbeing program today.

Let me know your insights in the comments below, I love to hear how your connecting with the content. x

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