Why you should quit sugar


Surely you have heard the anti sugar message by now? If not I can only assume you have been living under a rock, or don’t use the Internet.

Sarah Wilson has revoluntised quitting sugar and has made an easy 8-week program and this has expanded into a whole range of products to make your sugar free life easy.

There many reasons why most people should quit sugar (I say most as you never know peoples individual circumstances or life choices)

  • Sugar is addictive as some drugs. Evidence has shown that sugar sweetness can induce a feeling of reward and craving that is comparable to those induced by addictive drugs.
  • Sugar has been linked to heart disease. Scientists once thought it was saturated fat, but its increasingly being pointed that sugar is the culprit.
  • Sugar ages the body and causes wrinkles.  This is due to a reaction with protein in your body.
  • Sugar can lead to that weight gain you’ve been trying to avoid!

Now I’m not an idealist and think everyone should never eat sugar once they have done this program, however, I do believe that the majority of the population would benefit from reducing their sugar consumption dramatically. Sarah’s 8-week program is a gentle push and then following the 8 weeks she recommends that you make your own decision as if to this is something that you will continue to do. Sound advice I think so.

I recommend to my clients that they eat mostly sugar free, because of the above bad side effects, and it can also cause tiredness, gives you that dreaded brain fog and generally doesn’t let you lead a optimal life, and who wants that?

If you would like to do further reading and research – which I always recommend, I would suggest looking in this direction:



I did the 8 week live program in Sepetmber – will follow this up next week with my experience!

Have you tried to quit sugar before? Is this something that you would be interested in trying?

If you need more guidance and support on your wellness journey, check out my 8 week exclusive program. We cover nutrition, stress, sleep and so much more to create your best self in 8 weeks.

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