Are You Winding Your Trainer Up With These 4 Mistakes?

17 October 2017

As a personal trainer with over 8 years experience, I’ve heard my fair share of excuses.

Don’t get me wrong there’s a few that numerously get repeated, but some have really had some creativity, and have made me laugh more than anything else.

But there’s something that they ignite, a fire in my belly. I usually manage to smile and graciously accept it, but underneath there’s a fire burning, and something else that I really want to say...

So I thought since we’re friends it would be ok to share them with you – you may get a laugh, and the next time you come out with you, you’ll be able to have a firm word with yourself.

I've even added some of my amazing clients pet hates of what I continually do (Although if you are a client please don't listen all the way to the end! Ha.

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