Winter Inspiration List

Well, I said I would update the inspiration list every 6 months, but since changed my mind to every 3 months... good job I make the rules around here.

I love finding pockets of inspiration, and sharing with others, and these 3 categories all hold a big space in my heart - food, mind, books and documentaries.


I just recently found out about the moderation movement, and it was love at first site. This is what I preach. You can find out more here.

It's winter so I’m not sure about you’ve but I’ve been favoring hearty curries and soups over salads. i also bought myself a huge slow cooker (ceramic dish better for health!) and been whipping up meals in there, it's been amazing so far.

We’ve been loving this Pumpkin, apple and goats cheese soup from what Katie ate. Find the recipe here. Word of warning... This may become your go-to soup, it's delicious!

Deliciously Ella coconut Thai curry with chickpeas here.

We’ve been ordering a veggie box from these guys, and the produce is divine, and definitely the freshest I’ve come along in a long time. The recipe that they send has also been incredible.


Rewild yourself podcast.  A podcast by Daniel Vitalis, that discusses and interviews experts on awakening our instincts, freeing our bodies and minds from human domestication (Taken from the podcast bio, I didn’t feel I could describe it sufficiently!).

In a world where we look to celebrities with envy and wish we had more, I loved this short clip on celebrities talking about fame and materialism. Sometimes I get annoyed at how vain the world seems to be going with selfie sticks, and occasionally annoyed at how vain the world seems to be going with selfie sticks, and snap chat videos of ourselves, and by how many Instagram followers you have enables you to carry to a message.

Books and Documentaries:

Arianna Huffington – The sleep revolution. I’m a little bit of a health and wellbeing nerd (If you haven’t noticed already) so absolutely loved this book, and if you haven’t read the one prior thrive I recommend you get that too!

Cassie Mendoza Jones – You are enough. At several stages through my life, I have been crippled by self-doubt and comparing myself against others.

It froze me in my personal development and career development. I was lucky enough to find Cassie who I originally saw as my naturopath and then Cassie started to offer kinesiology which I started doing and eventually these blocks started to crumble down.

Cassie has since written her debut book you are enough and I can’t speak of it enough (I may have even gifted it to a few people since it came out!)

I hope this gives you some inspiration for winter and helps you ease into spring with ease.

Anyone else looking forward to evenings on the Beach? I for one I can't wait!

What's the one thing inspiring you at the moment? Tell me in the comments below so I can check it out x


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