What are you not prioritising in your life?

Your permission slip

Hey you,

How are you doing? Don’t just answer fine; I really want to know HOW are you?

Fine, it’s the automatic response isn’t it. We are so scared to stop and open up how were actually feeling, incase we scare that person away.

Well I’d love to hear how you are doing. What are you feeling right now? Happy, Sad, Sick, Scared, Lonely, Anxious?

If you don’t feel comfortable telling me I understand. But what I do want for you to do is express yourself to someone you love. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, it can be a friend, your dog, your cat, your child.

Anyone who will put their phone down and give you a minute ideally more to listen…. Ah that lost art.

I give you permission to crack open, and scream, cry, laugh, dance with joy, whatever your gut is wishing for you to express.

I decided to write you this permission slip, when I realized I wasn’t giving myself permission:

To rest. I had a virus for 2 weeks which left me feeling constantly sick and flat out exhausted. I was literally having a nap, waking up then going back to bed. Too tired to eat my dinner, but I still kept teaching my session’s as I didn’t want to let anyone down. Same when I got a bladder infection a week later.

To prioritize my business. This is a big year for my business and me personally, but I was running around, having coffees, and lunches all week long with my friends and not giving myself the time to put my business first.

To do more yoga. Its been a tough few months for me personally and I kept thinking I had to push I had to do the weights, and the cardio, and the yoga was a reward for doing that. Erm no Tanya if your body is telling you to do yoga, you do yoga.

I’m great at telling others, you need to rest, its fine to skip Bootcamp if you need more rest, yes everyone DOES need mental health days, I’m so happy you took one.

But when it came to myself, it was a different matter. I had to push, push push, until I had scheduled a break. That’s something I’m pretty good at – booking holidays.

This year I have booked 4 – 7 days away every 3 months, as I knew it was going to be a big year. No permission slip required for me for that.

Do you need one? Here it is.

I’d love to know what this has got you thinking about.

What are you now going to give yourself permission to do?

I’d really appreciate if you could share this with a loved one, and tell them what are you writing them a permission slip to do?

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